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Payment Options

1. OXYSHOPPING DIGITAL will generate invoice at the end of each month in the name of affiliated merchant.
2. Merchant shall make the payment within a period of 30 days from the date of Invoice

Payments to OXYSHOPPING DIGITAL (CPC, Advertising and ancillary revenues):

Oxyshopping accepts payment in the following forms: Cheque, Banker's Cheque, Demand Draft & Bank Transfer.

Oxyshopping will send out electronic invoices, via E-mail, at the end of every month.
Payment in full is expected on or before the Due-Date of each invoice. Merchant is solely responsible for assuring timely payment, including unforeseen factors such as postal delay, etc.

Payments: Payments tied to revenue split of revenues generated from third parties will be payable within 45 days of invoice receipt.

Taxes: The Merchant hereto shall each bear their respective taxes, if any, incurred in connection with this Oxyshopping Affiliation.