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Product Listings

Product Listings deliver product specific, qualified sales leads directly to your online store. The listings help buyers find by listing the products that are sold in India. product listings include flat rate, performance based billing with built in click accuracy, quality sales leads with exceptional online and in-store sales conversion, and product listings across the Oxyshopping Network. For more information, please visit the sections below.

Product Feeds

A product feed is a file that contains information about each of the products that you would like to list on Oxyshopping Network. This document includes simple step-by-step instructions for creating product feed.

Step 1: Create and Send Your Feed

There are two types of product feeds you can create: An XML feed or CSV Feed For detailed on each feed, click on them below.

CSV Feed | XML Feed

Step 2:
If you don't have data feed available, you can send us a request for automatic data updating. Our oxyshopping 'bots' will crawl your site and update on regular basis.

Step 3: Product Feed Review

After adding your feed, the team will review it to ensure that its content is consistent with our program policies. Once your feed is approved, the implementation process is started and your products will be live on the Oxyshopping Network within 24 hours.